STB Roundup v.6


The 6th instalment of the weekly STB, no-bullshit roundup is here. It’s short, it’s sweet, it’s got superheroes and a super SaaS. Amongst other things. It’s a little business, a little play, and a lot of feminism this week.  

But enough about that. Here’s the latest in what we’ve been loving this week.

Wonder Woman teaches us in more ways than one.

She’s re-taken the world by storm. When she’s not kicking ass, Wonder Woman is giving us insight to business matters, large and small. Take a page out of her -comic- book and use her lessons as growth tips for you, and your business.  

A SaaS-quatch has been sighted.

Speaking of kicking ass, this article about how Intercom exploded is making it’s way around the web as well. As the second fastest growing SaaS company (only behind Slack), there’s a lot you can glean from the 8 tips in this article. Plus, taco emojis. 🌮 

The Manel needs to end.

The Manel (panel full of men) is hardly a trend. More of a commonplace practice. This phenomenon occurs in academia, business conferences.. and pretty much everywhere else. While the hashtag #allmalepanel does a great job illuminating the Manel, it’s still shit that it happens.

We can rebuild [the boardroom], we have the technology.

It never ceases to amaze that businesses who pride themselves on adapting, creating new trends, and being ahead of the curve are still stuck in the Stone Age when it comes to their attitudes. The dichotomy and struggle for women between creating change from within and smashing the established system is very real. STB went the smash route, obviously.

Sensing a theme this week? Good. Hope you like it. Now get after it.  

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