6 Websites That Will Change Your Life

Technically this blog post is a website, so maybe it should have been number 7.

While it’s possible you’re out there living your best life, it's safe to say there is always something new to learn or a new perspective to consider. There are new websites popping up every second, but we keep going back to the old favourites. The tried, the tested, the true. The ones with consistently great information that never fail to rock our world.

Here are 6 of them.

Mark Manson

Life is about solving problems. So Manson started writing about the world from the perspective that he’s probably wrong. But, by publicly expressing his opinions, he can help a lot of other people figure their shit out too. This has led him to being one of the most inspiring and open writers on the web. With long form articles on everything from toxic masculinity to the current state of our information saturated world, Manson always leaves his readers with something real to think about with each post. Notable Post: Fuck Yes or Fuck No.  

Danielle Laporte

Bound to compassion, health, creativity, and passion, Danielle writes about making money in meaningful and responsible ways. Focusing on the “spiritual” side of motivation and success, Danielle thinks of herself as this world’s “spiritual backup.” She seeks to teach the world how to extend compassion to all we come across, including ourselves. From Truthbombs to desire mapping, Danielle has your back in the most supportive, no-bullshit way. Notable Post: The Courageous Minority. Honourable Mention: all the Truthbombs.


Reddit is like the “choose your own adventure” book of the internet. With its incredibly wide catalogue of communities and content, the only limits to how useful Reddit can be lie in your imagination. There are subreddits (communities) for entrepreneurs, CRMs, design, marketing, SEO, and even just SEO infographics. In addition to the wealth of communities available, Reddit also has “ask me anything” (AMAs) periodically in which community members can ask questions live with some of the most innovative and interesting people in the world. Whatever your business or passion, Reddit will have a way to connect with it. Notable Post: Pretty much anything.


Levo is full of resources for millennials to develop themselves into seasoned entrepreneurs. Geared toward the active, motivated professional, Levo is all about maximizing your efforts and creating bold new opportunities. Regardless of where you are in your career, Levo remains dedicated to providing great information, intelligent perspectives, and well-rounded posts that cater to the independent self-start. Notable Post: 13 Reasons Why Women of Colour are Valuable to the World of Tech.

A Good Movie to Watch

There have been at least 5,000 documented instances where one of the STB fam has struggled to find a movie to watch. Tired of rewatching the same classics again, but uninterested in the new releases, the fortnightly struggle continued. Until this site entered our radar. You can search for movies based on titles you already love, check out the Best Films lists, or even double down on Random. Whatever method you choose, it’s going to be a great movie to watch. Notable Film: Hunt for the Wilderpeople (thank me later).


This one is kind of cheating, because it’s an app. But it has a website, so it’s included in this list. Zapier designs apps that make work easier by eliminating tedious tasks. They also created a top notch blog filled with expert information on leadership, company structure, and how to best utilize a team. For Zapier, person and machine are meant to work together to save the most time while getting the most quality work done. It’s like utilitarianism at it’s finest. Notable Idea: automate the shit out of your life.

The Takeaway: Take advantage of the knowledge and motivating forces available to you in the digital age. It’s easier than ever to find great information that resonates with you, if you know where to look. Finding the things you connect with can be challenging, but it’s so worth it when it clicks. Truthbombs and automation collide and make your life better.

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elizabeth mcintyre