The STB Roundup, v.4

For many marketers, design is something that is often overlooked. The impact of aesthetic and mechanical design of a product has a huge impact on success. That’s the theme of STB’s 4th roundup.

The Roundup

One: Whoever designed Samsung’s emojis is an oddball. Across almost all platforms, emojis look relatively the same - except for Samsung products. Take the Imp or Angry Face with Horns emoji for example:

Two: Let’s get into some psychological design and a bit of game theory. Living Life in a Box explores the differences in mentality behind playing within a closed set of rules and playing within an infinite landscape.

Three: Earlier this week on the STB blog, I explored the design behind algorithmic newsfeeds on social networks. Instagram to be exact. Growth hacking the Instagram algorithm comes down to understanding the mechanics of its design.

Four: Heather Knight wrote a review of Tesla Autopilot, discovering that it’s extremely dangerous to cyclists. In Chinese culture, the number 4 is close to the characters for the word ‘death”,  which is why I chose this for the 4th on the STB Roundup. Tesla has a long way to go before their technology is safe, especially in Asian countries where bikes and scooters are everywhere.

Five: I saved the best for last. SEO Secrets: Reverse-Engineering Google’s Search Algorithm. Benjamin did an amazing job explaining the design behind SEO elements. Not only that, but he does it in a way that allows you to re-think the design of your website for immediate improvements.

TGIF: Cheers to another great week of stopping the bullshit!

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Chris Tweten