The Bullshit Stopping Roundup, v. 3

This is what's important

I’ve always liked the number three. Good things come in threes. It’s even a rule: things that follow the rule of threes, or tripling, are generally considered to be more satisfying, funnier, or effective than other numbers. Like four or two or five. Those numbers just aren’t as great as three. But you like them because they came in a set of three.

That’s why I’m pumped to be writing STB’s third round-up. And it’s why I’m bringing you three great things, in addition to my little insight into the rule of threes. Here we go.

The Roundup

AirBnB Data University

One: There’s an ongoing debate about growth hacking in the STB Slack. What it is, what it isn’t, etc. One thing we all agree on is that it fundamentally relies on a sound understanding of, and appreciation for data. We’re fascinated by news that Airbnb is running its own internal university to teach data science.

HBR Human Capital

Two: if there’s one thing that companies of all sizes struggle with, it’s talent. Whether you’re a fresh startup or a monster blue-chip, acquiring, managing, and (sadly) dismissing staff is a constant focus. We could talk about this for weeks, but for now, let’s take HBR’s lead and consider the implications of managing people as carefully as we manage capital.

Massive Facebook Group Growth

Three: Back onto growth hacking for number three. We agree with AirBnB: data is fundamental. However, that’s not all there is to it. You need to find innovative tactics to experiment with in order to generate data you can learn from. One example of us doing just that is our real life case study into how we boosted a Facebook Group’s growth by 923%, without spending a single dollar.

Happy Friday, everyone. Here’s to stopping the bullshit.

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Steffen Rusten