The STB Roundup, v.2

Welcome to the second instalment of the STB Roundup. We’re glad you’re here.

We’ve carefully curated a few things that have made us stop and think over the past week. And because sharing is caring, here’s this week’s STB-approved collection of content.

The Roundup

Sometimes we all need a good cry, but not this kind. Here’s everything you wanted to know about Ransomware but didn’t want to ask.

Have you hopped on the podcast bandwagon yet? No? Cut the crap and get on it. You’re not too busy for this series. Promise.

We don’t believe in multitasking here at STB Headquarters. We’re big fans of visualizing work and mental clarity, though. Enter the Kanban.

In case you missed the memo, we give a fuck about diversity. It’s important.

Happy reading, fam. Dig in. Then get after that growth.

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