Steffen's Reasons for Co-Founding

Why found a business?

To you, from Steffen Rusten

Why STB? I’ve had an interesting career-journey so far. Throughout it, one thing that’s constantly cropped up is my distaste for bullshit. I’ve spent long enough in the halls of the most corporate of institutions to know the pain of bureaucracy.

I’ve had Risk Managers challenge creative. I’ve had media agencies that knew less than I did, receive more attention than me, because I was young. I’ve had bosses who couldn’t see past the end of the quarter, let alone have the guts to try a brave new direction.

I’ve also been lucky enough to work with some fantastic people who gave me the chance to grow and develop. Thanks Monique. I’ve worked with Creatives who listened to my ideas, and considered it their job to make them better, challenging me in the process. Cheers, Dave and Dave. I’ve had people take a chance on me and let take on a whole new challenge. Thanks, Uber.

I’m not sure when I developed a ‘growth mindset’. I do know that my desire to test, learn, and optimise is stronger than ever. I know that I value diversity and equality. I appreciate efficiency, sometimes to the pain of my colleagues. [ED Note: it’s 100% true.]

So why did I co-found STB Collaborations? Luck. A coming together of circumstance. A desire to create. To be frank, I’ve also always wanted to start something, but been too scared to do it solo. I’m not ashamed to admit that.

When Elizabeth and I had the idea that lead to STB, everything clicked. When Chris expressed a willingness to join us we accelerated immediately. Thanks, fam. Here’s to new additions soon.I hope you’ll follow along on our journey to help businesses grow.

Here’s to profit and generosity. To getting to the top and taking someone with you. And to stopping the bullshit.



Steffen Rusten, Chief Growth Guy and Co-Founder

Steffen Rusten, Chief Growth Guy and Co-Founder

Steffen Rusten