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STB 101

STB Collaborations is a growth consultancy that puts results above everything else. We work with our clients to improve both front-end marketing and back-end operational efficiency. We help businesses like yours get bold growth by pairing creativity with data-backed insight to get your products and message to more customers, faster. 

STB stands for Stop The Bullshit. There’s nothing we believe in more than a no bullshit approach to life, work, and everything in between.


We'll tell you what's up in ten words, not 110


the low down

Marketing strategy and execution, social media establishment, content optimisation, business planning and efficiency. These are more than boring business phrases - they're some of the things in the STB repertoire that will elevate your business and help you stay focused on why you started. You're onto a good thing. We're here to help you make that thing great. 

the crew


Elizabeth McIntyre

Co-Founder + CEO

Elizabeth is our visionary CEO and co-founder of STB. Typically found with a latte in hand, she possesses a mix of sass and approachability that many try, unsuccessfully, to emulate. She is the creative engine behind STB, known for turning rigid words into works of conversion-focused art. Whatever you’re trying to communicate, our CEO is in your corner. We wouldn’t want to be the opposition.

Chris Tweten

Chris Tweten

Senior Growth Consultant

Chris Tweten is employee #1. He's honed his growth hacking skills on the mean streets of Canada's slow and overpriced Internet, so you know not to mess with him. With @ctwtn on your side, there's gonna be good times. 

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Steffen Rusten

Co-Founder + Chief Growth Guy

Every company needs a right-brained wonder and Steffen is ours. With the head of a hustler, the soul of a jazz singer, and the charm of a secret agent, he’s a veritable powerhouse. He goes where no one has gone before in terms of smart growth – especially if it involves Trello boards and spreadsheets. He’s the first to stand when you enter the room and he’ll always hold the door open. What a gentleman.

Work with STB


A Title Befitting Your Talents

You have a taste for growth and a commitment to doing what's right. If you value results, diversity, profit, and generosity, then hit us up. Like, immediately. We want to talk. Bonus points if you like communicating in GIFs.


The History

At STB, you're not working with another generic company. You're collaborating with a family that's invested in your success. A family built around people that have worked with and helped some of the best companies in the world. Just say the word and you can be up here, too


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We get it, you're interested. The feeling is mutual. You want to take your shit to the next level, and we're so into that.

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